Aaran Moon / O’Tang  is a freelance writer, novelist, graphic artist, musician, ‘misanthropologist’ and occasionally funny comedian (of both the standing up and sitting down variety) originating from the navel of the UK.

Currently he is a writer/editor for games, comics and entertainment site PULP 365.

He is currently trying to find an agent willing to represent him and help publish his contemporary sci-fi/fantasy novel The Lightshire, while also working on the story, script, UI and conceptual stages of indie fantasy action-puzzle game Lumiknights.

He has written for gamersnexus.net, worked for Lockwood Publishing as story and script writer and also provided concepts for character, creature, environment, vehicle and gameplay elements for the Sony Playstation Home exclusive games Mercia: Fractured Realms, Sodium: One and Sodium: Project Velocity, as well as being the writer of a series of developer diaries about Mercia charting the progress of the games production.

He was shortlisted for the Jerwood Film Prize for his short script Life is Peachy by a panel of judges that included the Coen brothers, who selected his script as their personal favourite. (Despite this, he still didn’t win).

He is the singer and combination guitar-bassist for electro-psych-rock apes Chimpanzees and – in another of his multiple personalities – he moonlights as ‘MC Squared’ in electro/hip-hop conglomerate Mathmagicians.

He is not – and never has been – a stamp collector or a member of a cult.

If you wish to hire him for his dubious verbal or literary talents, or simply just want to praise (or more likely admonish) him for something he has said or done, then please contact him via this blog or on twitter here:


Thank you very much, you’ve been lovely.


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